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18 Ekim 2016 Salı

Erasmus Project for Blogging...

Hi, I am looking for partners for Erasmus Project. Since I am an English teacher and a Fashion blogger, I want to combine these qualities in one project.

  If you are a teacher who knows English well and wants to work with Turkey and other countries, you are in the right way. I want my students to create their own blogs and introduce their blogs in this partnership. By this way, the students will follow eachother by blogging and creating their own funny blog posts. And they will improve their writing skills. They will have opportunity of grasping vocabulary and developing their social skills. What can they write about? They can write their own stories about their pets, family, school life, friendship, shopping, fashion, etc. They can write whatever they want. It depends on their imagination. It will be a kind of public diary. Does it sound great? Since I am a teacher in a secondary school, my students are aged between 10-15. So, your students must be between 10-15 years old to have a partnership. If you want to partake in this kind of project, please send an email to me ( .

  This is, also, an opportunity of visiting the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. Our school is located in Ankara. So, be quick to interact with me. Loves...

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  1. Desteğin için çok teşekkür ederim...

  2. Great initiative :)
    Kiss, Kati

  3. Great idea.


  4. Great idea! Have a sunny day.
    Nancy ;)

  5. Achei bacana esta ideia.
    Desejo boa sorte.

    Um beijo,

  6. What a cool idea! I wish you success in your project. Have a blessed day, kisses!

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