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14 Haziran 2018 Perşembe

Unique Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings ...

Weddings are an integral part of one's life. It symbolizes the new beginning of a beautiful relationship with a hope of love and trust, that will last for many years to come. Usually, the couple prefers to choose everything unique and glorious for their wedding. Be it a stunning long bridal gown to satin-tie with matching cufflinks the bride and bridegroom don't leave any chance to make their wedding day outstanding.

Weddings are the time to embrace either by getting an escort in beautiful horse-carriage or by selecting the non-traditional emerald wedding set. You are the modern couple, and you have the right to add your quirky sense of style, so replacing the traditional wedding ring with lovely tattoos or bracelet is definitely what you need.

Let's have a look at all the unique alternatives which you can present at the place of a traditional rose gold diamond wedding band.A beautiful Necklace: Presenting your future soul with charming necklace would be an ideal alternative. For the necklace pendant, you can prefer engraved stones or add a personalised touch to it by putting your spouse name on it.the wedding bands or customised chain also do a great job. Moreover, you can put a special quote or personalized message on the stone and present it to your better half with a beautiful necklace.

The trend of finger tattoos have become quite popular these days. Many couples are opting to get their partner name engraved on their ring finger. Both wife and husband can choose any design of tattoo from simple to extravagant. You can also have the design according to your taste. From the thin line tattoo to compact custom design or a symbol that has meaning for you two, finger tattoo rings are permanent, and the best alternative to traditional wedding rings. Finger tattoos are suitable for daring couples who feel uncomfortable in wearing the rings.

Wedding bands with engraved fingerprints: Wedding bands are the perfect alternative to traditional morganite wedding rings, and when the wedding band gets engraved with the fingerprints they become more special and unique. You may ask any jewellery designer to put your fingerprints inside or outside the band. Wedding bands with engraved fingerprints are genuinely personal and wondrous way to express love to your partner.

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